This corner is dedicated to interior design with natural materials and items consciously i.e. ecologically produced.

conscious interior 

This corner is dedicated to fair fashion brands, bloggers, shops etc.

fair fashion

Here you will find posts about film photography, but also about other 'analog' things as opposed to digital.


Recommendations for a 'slow travel' experience; taking the time to get somewhere and to explore where you are and staying in privately owned 'special' places with character.

slow travel

Gathered here are artists and artisans or makers who create/make with love and by hand.


Dear reader,

SMUDGE & BLUR is more than a lifestyle blog, not quite an online magazine (as it is run by only one woman, Rosie) but a place where likeminded people can gather, including you! Here Rosie shares stories about kindred spirits like fellow expats, creative entrepreneurs and small businesses who care about sustainability, as well as reports about slow living in Tuscany and about other 'slow & analog' subjects as opposed to 'fast & digital'.

s = sustainable
l = local
o = organic
w = whole

Welcome to this online gathering place for people who live, work and create slow & consciously




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‘Blur’ is the photographic equivalent of the painter’s or illustrator’s ‘smudge’ when drawing. Both words represent IMPERFECTION, such an integral part of slow living and creativity; valuing the natural, the old, and simple things above shiny new things and letting go of materialism and the strive after perfection. 

 'Smudge & Blur | What's in a name?'

The word 'smudge' is a nod to 'Arte di Vita' which means 'the art of living'. Next to her own company 'Rosie Reports', Rosie is part of a group of people who run a business based on friendship, who aim to live, work and create the 'slow' way: 'Arte di Vita Interiors', an interior design agency with its own paint and fabrics, a B&B in Tuscany and a concept store in the Netherlands. So in this place you will also find articles about 'Arte di Vita'.


The word 'blur' is a nod to 'Rosie Reports', in particular Rosie's work as a film photographer (she is also a writer and designer). Rosie's full name is
Rosanne van Cruyningen. Blur is what occurs when the shutter speed was too slow in order to get a sharp focus. This means that, technically, the image is failed. Yet, Blur can also be beautiful, especially on film, showing colour and texture as if painted with a brush on a canvas.



Discover the magic of film photography also known as 'analog' photography. Find those photographers who can capture your memories in a beautiful, lasting and analog way...

ilm photographers directory

image by anna doshina


We used it before the hipsters did.



Infinite battery life, no loading time, no data fees.



Wouldn't it be awesome if this stuff grew on trees?


Spring Workshops

April 16, 2018

Overview of ‘slow’ lifestyle workshops I follow a lot of likeminded people on Instagram, a lot of them fellow creative entrepreneurs, and so I often come across the most wonderful sounding workshops…although I wish I could, it’s impossible to attend all of those workshops! Instead, I thought I’d make an overview, for you, my fellow creative […]



April 7, 2018

Favourite Bookshop in favourite city

MY FAVOURITE BOOKSHOP Books are definitely a part of an analog or ‘slow’ lifestyle. I really hope that there will always be libraries and bookshops, especially like my favourite bookshop; “Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights”. That name alone…brilliant! They’re based in Bath, which happens to be my favourite city. I’ve been there quite a […]



March 2, 2018

Film photographers Directory

It’s about time that I dedicated a blog post to the European Film Photographers directory I set up at the end of last year. For a while I felt that an online overview of the wonderfully talented film photographers Europe has to offer was missing. Most of the existing photography vendor guides or directories are […]



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